About Us


Brewers and non-brewers alike are always welcome to inquire about membership in the club. The name aside, it is not necessary to be a homebrewer to join – an interest in and appreciation of good (and bad) beer is all that is required, though it is likely that after a meeting or two you’ll want to join in the fun yourself! There are no gender restrictions, but members must be over 21 years of age and humans at the time of their birth to participate.

Although we can’t list the super-secret rituals here, the membership process looks something like this:
Prospective members should contact the club through our website’s Contact Us page. Those who inquire about membership may be asked to participate in a brief evaluation interview, and only minimal amounts of biological samples will be taken.

New members sponsored by a current member may have the interview waived, at the discretion of the President.
After the interview, the Club President may accept the new member or refer the decision to the membership present at the next regular meeting, at his/her discretion. A simple majority of those present is sufficient to accept the new member.
After the new member is branded, he/she will participate in the traditional “dingo rassling” and keg toss before initiation begins. (Just kidding – or am I???)


The Stoney Creek Homebrewers were formed upon the adoption of our Constitution and Bylaws by unanimous vote, and incorporated as PA Nonprofit Corporation in 2012.. The club is named after the Stoney Creek in East Norriton, Pennsylvania, in which we bathe in the moonlight during the Harvest Moon (or is that another club?).


Every Second Thursday at Bistro on Bridge in Phoenixville, PA. Kindly drop us a line prior to your first meeting.