Competition: November 12, 2016
Entry Registration: 9/5/2016 - 10/30/2016
Judge Registration: 9/5/2016 - 10/30/2016


Bistro on Bridge
210 Bridge St,
Phoenixville, PA 19460


  • Open to anyone, beginners welcome and encouraged.
  • All BJCP Beer, Mead and Cider categories (1-28)


ABC Represents the last event for the Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year (EPHY).


Medals (gold, silver, and bronze) will be given to the top three entries in each judging category, unless the judges determine that fewer will be given. BOS will be recognized.


  • SCH-ABC is open to all home brewers, and we will be accepting entries from all BJCP-recognized beer, cider, and mead categories.
  • All beers or meads must be non-commercial in nature and produced at home (no “Brew on Premises” entries).
  • The entry fee is $7 per entry.
  • Categories and subcategories may be combined for judging purposes, however beers or meads will be judged according to the category/subcategory in which they are entered. The style guidelines for each category and subcategory are available at the BJCP website.
  • It is the responsibility of the brewer to decide and indicate on the entry form the appropriate category and sub-category for their entry.
  • Depending on the number of entries and category distribution, categories and subcategories may be combined or separated for judging and awards purposes. These judging table breakdowns will not be available prior to the competition and will be determined by the competition committee once all entries have been processed.
  • Any disputes that arise before, during or after the competition will be settled by the competition committee.
  • Brewer feedback is the primary purpose of SCH-ABC. Your score sheets will be returned to you shortly after the contest. Please do not send an SASE with your entry.


  • Interested in Judging or Stewarding? Please register! Send questions to Seth Clearwater at
  • Judges and Stewards who plan on attending may bring their entries with them provided the registration is received by the deadline and clearing with the competition organizer.
  • All Judges and Stewards should plan to arrive by 8:45AM. Results will be announced as soon as Best of Show results are in (approx. 5:00PM).


Expect postings to our website shortly after the competition, score sheets should be readily available for pick-up evening of the event. All scoresheets not picked up shall be mailed shortly after the competition. Please provide at least 10 days for prizes to arrive.


SCH ABC provides the following services to participants..

  • Act as a feedback vehicle for homebrewers of all skill levels.
  • Provide a venue for competition as part of a series of fall competitions in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.
  • Provide an opportunity for local judges to earn additional points towards advanced recognition.
  • Provide a vehicle for expanding the public interest in and recognition of homebrewing, the AHA, the BJCP, and SCH.
  • Generate support for a local charity. $1 from every entrant will be donated to the Pottstown Public Library, as will any additional sponsorship funds!


SCH*ABC looks to develop a strategic partnership with organizations looking to provide donations in either the form of in-kind category prizes (t-shirts, gift certificates, brewing equipment, books, etc), or direct donations to the Pottstown Public Library. SCH recommends the following direct donation levels: Pint (up to $100), Keg ($250), or Barrel ($500+). Each donation, cash or in-kind, remains 100% tax deductible, as the Friends of the Pottstown Public Library is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. Entry estimates for ABC 2013 exceed 300.
For sponsorship information, please contact Mike Bury at