Brewing with the Kids

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OK.  I admit up front that the title is completely misleading.  While my family does occasionally show an interest in my brew days, they are generally uninvolved.  The title of “Brewing with the Kids” is in direct reference to the fact that my parents (normally our summer daycare providers for our two youngest) are on […]

Cleaning Out the Fridge

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A few weeks ago, I needed to use up some ingredients I picked up at the Local Home Brew shop.  These were my impulse purchases.  A yeast and some other ingredients I have never used before.  Heck, the hops are called “Experimental #7270.”  So what is a brewer to do?  You guessed it whip up a […]

Willkommen und Prost!

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The members of the Stoney Creek Homebrewers would like to welcome you to the new and updated website!  It has been a long time coming, but will hopefully serve as a hub for members and non-members to know about our events, where we are pouring our beer and hopefully learn from a few “Beer Nerds” […]