2019 Duel Schedule

Hi everybody

Since I am running unopposed, and I have already voted for myself, I think I got the Comp Kaiser role locked up. So this is my first official message regarding next year’s duel schedule.

We are opening the calendar through April right now. May is not a duel month with us having the Founder’s Day Competition on the schedule, so consider this your notice about the first half of the year being open for scheduling duels (I know that 5 months is not exactly half the year, but I think you get gist of the message). Some considerations will be made for styles that require aging if challenges are made and accepted now for the second half of the year.

As in years past, we are capping the number of duels per month to 3. And we still have the cap of the number of duels that you can be a part of at 5. The monthly duels can be 2 or 3 brewer duels. You can challenge anyone anyway you want, just let me know via email (arsarracino@gmail.com) or Facebook what style/ingredient and what month the duel will be taking place. For record keeping, it’s not official until I respond with acknowledgement.

Right now, January has one spot technically open (Mike Todd and Seth are brewing a Sati for the 2018 Duel Master title, and Kirk and Steph have a Cream Ale). The meeting is on Jan 10th, so time is VERY tight for another challenge to made and accepted, but it’s worth throwing out there in case 2 people know they have the same beer on tap and might want to get on the calendar.

Let me know if there are any immediate questions. I am looking forward to a year full of interesting homebrews.


Tony Sarracino