2019 EPHY Results

Just one more competition left in the season. SCH ABC 12 will be on November 9th. You can register entries and to be a judge here: https://schomebrewers.com/bcoem/.

In the interest of space, I have only posted some of the top standings. Feel free to reach out to me (Tony Sarracino arsarracino@gmail.com) for a complete list or questions you may have.

Edward Walkowski36Scranton Brewers Guild
Nick Shadel29Berks County Homebrew Club
Jeffrey Mauriello26.5MASH
Matt King24.5Keystone Hops
Mark Witzel19Bruclear Homebrew Club
Michael Herman19Main Line Brewers
Jeremy Cusatis17
Jack Robbins16Keystone Hops
Tyler Flynn16Main Line Brewers
Joel Piazza15Main Line Brewers
Douglas Dinwoodie12.5Keystone Hops
Frank Taddeo12Bruclear Homebrew Club
John Litak12Lehigh Valley Home Brewers
Scott Smith11Lehigh Valley Home Brewers
Jeremiah Baer10