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Christmas in July… And December?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer…?

As part of our Duels, there are 2 required club only competitions that are required to participate in if you want the claim the Dual Master’s Trophy.  The first is our Founder’s Day Picnic competition, which was brewing historical styles (Anything prior to the 2015 BJCP style guide).  This year it was won by Mike Todd for his Mild (not Dark Mild.)

For the second required competition, it is when we get into the holiday spirit of gift giving in July (Just to have it re-gifted in December.) During the July meeting, club members exchange mystery ingredients and styles of beer.  We try to keep the ingredients manage, but fun.  For this year here is the list:

Christmas Party Competition

Tony Cal CommonPistachios
JohnEnglish PorterCardamom
KevinOatmeal StoutBanana
SethKölschSwedish Fish™
Mike HIPACoffee
Mike TCream AleLime
Shaun/MattESBHot Pepper
DustinPiwo GrodziskieMaple
ZachPorterBourbon Jerky
JoshBelgian Golden Strong AleStaghorn Sumac
JeffOatmeal/Milk StoutMint
GeorgeGosePotato Chip
Mike BBritish Strong AleChristmas Pudding