I demand satisfaction!  Let’s settle this with pistols at dawn!

Not exactly.  Duels are the clubs way to make us more proficient brewers.  As in the olden days, members challenge one another with beer, mead or cider as their weapon.  A common style and/or ingredient is agreed upon and the date is set.  Then the two members take their paces and we see who “brewed” the superior beverage.  All members of the club in attendance vote for the beer they think was a better representation based on BJCP style guidelines.  After the dust settles, the votes are tallied and a winner is declared.

The members of the club will offer feedback to both brewers as to why they voted one for and/or against the other.  Suggestions are offered in technique or recipe formulation.  Whether there were flaws or the brew just missed the mark on style, the idea is to help everyone become a better brewer.

At the end of the year the Duel Master is decided by a final duel between the top two records from the year’s duels. The presentation and votes take place at our January meeting. The Duel Master then gets to show off this fancy trophy for the rest of the year.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Seth Clearwater for being crowned (if that is appropriate here) the 2018 Duel Master. Enjoy the win sir, I know many people are out to take that trophy from you in 2019.

Here is the 2019 schedule (as of 11/15). Please reach out to Tony (arsarracino@gmail.com) with any questions or to add your duel to the schedule.

Current Standings and Scenarios: Seth has come back guns a-blazing this year and had a 4-0 record. He will be in the final brew-off to decide the Duel Master regardless of his outcome at Secret Santa. Congrats Seth.

Bryan McC and Cindy were both 3-0 on the year. You both should be proud of this record. But unfortunately, neither are participating in Secret Santa, so their points are done for the year. Cindy, did not participate in the Founder’s Day Baltic Porter competition either, so she is ineligible for the Duel Master trophy. Bryan did participate at Founder’s Day, so he is eligible, but will be waiting to see who wins Secret Santa and if he is part of the final brew-off. Moral of the story kids is to always participate in our brew competitions.

Mike T had a 3-1 record on the year. If he wins Secret Santa, he is in the final brew-off and we have a repeat of last year’s competition with the same two participants. This is so exciting!! If Mike does not win Secret Santa, then we will have a 3-way brew-off with Seth, Bryan, and Mike.

Josh and Zach were both 2-2 on the year; both are participating in Secret Santa. A win would get to 3 wins on the year but keep them out of the final brew-off. While something to be proud of and and gives them bragging rights, it still puts them statistically lower than both Mike and Bryan.

One special shout out to the brewers who were 1-0 on the year: Kirk, Mike H, Conrad, and Tony (myself). My take away on this is that we all should have been dueling more often during the year (or not moving to North Carolina ;-)). Who knows where we might be in the standings?!

JanuaryBrewer 1Brewer 2Winner
Cream Ale (1C)KirkStephKirk
Coffe Porter (30A)DustinKevinKevin
BBA RIS (33B)DustinZachZach
Am Pale Ale (18B)Mike TBryan McCBryan
DIPA (22A)SethMarybethSeth
Belgian Pale Ale (24B)Bob WCindyCindy
Graprefruit IPA (29A)AaronJoshJosh
Belgian IPA (21B)Mike TKevinMike T
Am Wheat (1D)StephMarybethSteph
Brett Saison (28A)SethKatelynSeth
Founder's Day CompBaltic PorterOpen to all membersJosh
Italian Grape Ale (X3)SethJoshSeth
Am Brown (19C)John PBob WBob W
Chocolate Peanut butter Porter (30A)Mike TRob McNMike T
Czech Dark (3D)John PCindyCindy
Hefeweizen (10A)RichAaronPostponed until August due to rain
Gose (27A) with Kiwi (29A)ZachTonyTony
Hefeweizen (10A)RichAaronRich
Dunkel Weissbier (10B)ConradMattConrad
Radler i.e. Sam Adams Porch RockerBenLeahBen
Marzen (6A)CindyJoshCindy
Czech Premium Pale Lager (3B)Mike HRichMike H
Witbier (24A)Mike TAaronMike T
Marzen/Oktoberfest (6A)ZachKevinZach
Am Light Lager (1A)Bryan McCMarybethBryan
Altbier (7B)SethBenSeth
Pomegranate Traditional Mead (M2E)ZachBryan McCBryan
Belgian Dark Strong Ale (26D)DustinKevinDustin
Secret Santa Comp