I demand satisfaction!  Let’s settle this with pistols at dawn!

Not exactly.  Duels are the clubs way to make us more proficient brewers.  As in the olden days, members challenge one another with beer, mead or cider as their weapon.  A common style and/or ingredient is agreed upon and the date is set.  Then the two members take their paces and we see who “brewed” the superior beverage.  All members of the club in attendance vote for the beer they think was a better representation based on BJCP style guidelines.  After the dust settles, the votes are tallied and a winner is declared.

The members of the club will offer feedback to both brewers as to why they voted one for and/or against the other.  Suggestions are offered in technique or recipe formulation.  Whether there were flaws or the brew just missed the mark on style, the idea is to help everyone become a better brewer.

At the end of the year the Duel Master is decided by a final duel between the top two records from the year’s duels. The presentation and votes take place at our January meeting. The Duel Master then gets to show off this fancy trophy for the rest of the year.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Seth Clearwater for being crowned (if that is appropriate here) the 2018 Duel Master. Enjoy the win sir, I know many people are out to take that trophy from you in 2019.

I am in the process of updating the 2020 schedule. I have known duels as of 1/5/20 listed below.nPlease reach out to Tony (arsarracino@gmail.com) with any questions or to add your duel to the schedule.

2019 Results: Belgian IPA, Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, Witbier, Irish Red with Butterscotch, and Piwo Grodziskie. If anyone is thinking about brewing these beers, they might want to speak to our 2019 Duel Master winner…..Mike Todd. These were his winning beers on route to claiming the championship and trophy. Congrats Mike; well deserved.

With 2019 in the books, the 2020 race is already underway. Josh W is taking a commanding lead with 1 win (there was just 1 duel so far, but still, he is in the lead). Below is the schedule for the year. Slots are filling up quickly. Please reach out to me (arsarracino@gmail.com or on FB) if you and another brewer decide to go head to head. Happy brewing everyone.

December 2019Brewer 1Brewer 2Winner
Secret Santa CompWinning Beer -Butterscotch Irish RedMike T
2019 Duel Master Brew-off: Piwo Grodziskie (27)SethMike TMike T
Session StoutsSethJoshJosh
Czech Amber Lager (3C)Mike BShaunShaun
Session IPA (21B)JoshZachJosh
Belgian Dubbel (26B)Bryan McCDustinBryan McC
Am Pale Ale (18B)ShaunKevin
Am Brown Ale (19C)AaronBob Witt
White IPA (21B)JoshBen
Maibock (4C)SethDustin
Kolsch (5B)Mike TAaron
Belgian Triple (26C)BenMatt DeM
Founder's Day CompAltbier w/Crystal hopsOpen to all members
Kellerbier: Pale (7C)SethJohn P
German Pils (5D)Bob WittMike H
Coconut Porter (30A)ShaunLeah
Am Wheat (1D)Bryan ETony
Scottish Light (14A)John PLeah
Slot 3
Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3
Dusseldorf Alt (7B)Jeff WJohn P
Slot 2
Slot 3
Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3
English Barleywine (17D)Seth v Shaunv Mike H
Old Ale (17B)John PBryan McC
Slot 3
Secret Santa CompOpen to all members