Cleaning Out the Fridge

A few weeks ago, I needed to use up some ingredients I picked up at the Local Home Brew shop.  These were my impulse purchases.  A yeast and some other ingredients I have never used before.  Heck, the hops are called “Experimental #7270.”  So what is a brewer to do?  You guessed it whip up a Pale Ale!

To round out the recipe, I also used some of Two Tracks “Okefenokee” as the base malt.

Here is the recipe:



Experimental Pale Ale


  • 10 lbs. Okefenokee Pale Malt
  • 3/4 lbs. Munich Malt
  • 1/2 lbs. White Wheat


  • .25 oz Experimental Hops #07270 (60 min)
  • .25 oz Experimental Hops #07270 (40 min)
  • .25 oz Experimental Hops #07270 (20 min)
  • .25 oz Experimental Hops #07270 (0 min)
  • .50 oz Experimental Hops #07270 (Dry Hopped)


  • Wyeast – #1450 – Denny’s Favorite 50

I brewed the beer using a brew in the bag method and a standard 60-minute boil. Since the yeast was old, I used 2 packs and made a 1200ml starter.

I pitched the yeast at 68℉.  Fermentation had started by the morning.  Currently, the beer is fermenting, I will add the dry hops with 3-4 days left.  I will update the post with the results.

One thought on “Cleaning Out the Fridge

  1. Well, the beer finished and I wanted to add some updates. I have to say the beer did not come out exactly what I wanted. It was not bad, but had too much malt flavor and not enough hops. Even with the dry hopping and the late additions, the citrusy and tangerine flavors, and aromas I was looking for were not there (At least in the quantity I wanted). As I used malt, hops, and yeast I’ve never used before I’m not surprised that it was spot on. But, it was drinkable. In the future, I don’t know if I would use so many unknown ingredients in one batch.

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