SCH Editing Now Available

We are pleased to announce that a foolish volunteer has agreed to edit posts to our club’s webpage.  The idea is to make it easier for people to develop and post content for the club. 

If you have an article for the club webpage that you would like edited, please send it along.  Please note that the edited article will not be posted until the author has approved ALL of the changes.  In the unlikely event that an agreement on edits can’t be reached, the original author gets the final word.

Again, the idea is to make it easier to develop content.  Not everyone is comfortable with technical-type writing.  Like all of our club activities, we’re here to help.  This won’t be like turning a term paper into your 10th grade English teach, I promise!

We really want to encourage content for the webpage.  Honestly, even if you just send over a list of bullet points, we can turn it into a polished article!

Just to be clear, article editing is 100% optional.  If you’d prefer to upload an article without review, that is still available.

Send your potential content to: