SCH Group Experiment

One of the great things about SCH is our focus on improving our craft.  To further this goal, I’d like to propose a group experiment.  The idea is to show the impact of our various techniques.

The experiment will include multiple brewers brewing the same recipe.  Everyone participating will brew on their home system, following their usual methodology.    Ideally, there will be a wide range of techniques present: temperature controlled fermentation, fermenting in a closet, big starters, no starters, mash in an insulated bucket, HERMS, etc.

Now, multiple variables will change with each brewer, so this isn’t a true controlled experiment.  However, it should provide an illustration of how technique impacts the final product.  I envision a “Smoke Chronicles” type of presentation to present results to the club.

If you are interested in participating, drop Mike Lewandowski a line at  Once interested parties have stepped forward, we’ll work out more particulars.