Güten Tag, SCHers!  We’re now six days away from SCH Oktoberfest, and this is a brief update on the day (and an RSVP request for those who haven’t yet done so CHECK THE LIST BELOW AND E-MAIL ME IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND AND AREN’T LISTED!).  Hundreds of feet of ribbon, flags and banners, wooden trays loaded with meat, and some fine greenery are ready to decorate the von Rycknell Bierhalle to welcome attendees.
Our food menu is set (though I’m in the market for a volunteer to bring some charcuterie – please e-mail, and we’ll have plenty of beer on hand as well.  As a reminder, your entry fee is 24 beers, 24 servings of your confirmed menu item, or $20, per attendee.  If providing beer or food, please plan to arrive early in our arrival window, or drop off any time after Friday afternoon.
Doors open at 2PM for food and beer and music, with live music (we’ll have a dance floor cleared) starting at closer to 5PM, so either adjust your arrival time or pace yourself : )  The event will carry on until 7PM at the earliest and 9PM at the most-likely latest.  It even looks like weather might cooperate, so we can use not only the bierhalle but the veranda.  Please bring a stein, and more than one if you have one to lend!  Liters preferable.  Boots preferred even more.
We look forward to welcoming you and your friends/family (sorry, no children)!  Break out your Dirndls, Trachten, and Kilts and get pumped.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go assemble the shot ski.
Graf und Grafïn von Rycknell
RSVP List (please e-mail to add your name or update your number of attendees, which will help us plan – thank you!):
Shaun & Kerin Brasseau (2)
Mike & Jennie Bury (2)
Seth & Leslie Clearwater (2)
Stephanie Coggins (1?)
Adam Conish (1?)
Dustin Elliott & Heather McMonnies (2)
Bryan & Karen McClain (2)
Matt & Megan de Montaigne (2?)
Geoff Paffett (1?)
Chintoo & Gigi Patel (2)
John & Patty Putnam (Leah too?) (2?)
Kirk Redmond (1)
Tony & Pam Sarracino (2)
Mike & Tiffani Todd and guests (6)
Kevin Vargo (2)
Josh & Barbara Weikert (2)
Catherine Wilson & Kyle Dolinsky (2)
We’re at about 30 so far, as you can see, which will be a great event – we’d love to see way more, though, so let me know so we’re ready for you!
Food Menu:
Jaegerschnitzel (JOSH & BARBARA WEIKERT)
Schlachtplatte (bratwurst, sausages, pork) (CATHERINE WILSON & KYLE DOLINSKY on BRATS, JOHN & PATTY PUTNAM on PORK)
Sauerkraut (JOHN & PATTY PUTNAM)
Pretzels and Brown Mustard (GEOFF PAFFETT)
German Potato Salad (MIKE & JEN BURY)
Desserts (preferably in some kind of cookie/bar/handheld form) (KERIN BRASSEAU, STEPHANIE COGGINS)
Brötzeit (bread, meats, cheeses) (JOSH & BARBARA WEIKERT, could use one more volunteer)
Baked cheese fondue experiment (“Fondue de Lordes”) (JOSH & BARBARA WEIKERT)
Beer Menu:
Brauerei von Rycknell House Beers:
Jüngfrau Oktoberfest
New Germany Schwarzbier
Stolen Pony Pale Ale
Guest Beers* (on club jockey box):
Brasseau “Some Frenchman’s Munich Dunkel”
Reynardin “Toasted Fox” Vienna Lager
Mad Scientist “Mad Wiener” Vienna Lager
Vargo “What the Helles Kind of Name is Vargo?” Munich Helles
McClain “Smoke it if you’ve Got It” Rauchbier
Other assorted beers, and Jagermeister/Schnapps shot skis available for anyone with an identified DD and/or Uber/Lyft on their phone and an intent to use it.
*Beer names may not reflect what the brewers actually call them